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Vision for our Schools

As en elected public servant, I will...

1.) Honor Parental Rights
  • Will fight indoctrination in education and oppose gender ideology currently in LAUSD's curriculum as it undermines parents  and their exclusive right to mentor their children on these matters.
  • Oppose sexually explicit content in classrooms
  • Support Charter Schools and Parent Choice of where/how their children are educated
  • Authentic, Effective Engagement and Collaboration with Parents
2.) Increase Student Achievement
  • Refocus on promoting academic rigor, teaching core subjects , without political agendas
  • Increase funding and support for special need students, low performing schools and gifted
3.) Steward Tax Dollars with Integrity
  • Financial and Data Transparency
  • Maximizing efficiency, prioritizing academic outcomes, and respecting taxpayer dollars
4.) Provide Support for Teachers
  • Advocate for Smaller Class Sizes
  • Protection of Religious & Medical Freedom for employees and students

5.) School Safety: Due to political decisions, LAUSD defunded school police, resulting in their removal from secondary school campuses. Consequently, we're witnessing a concerning rise in crimes, including incidents involving knives, battery, and drugs within our schools. It's important that we reinstate our school police to ensure the safety of our children and staff members.


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