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Vision for our Schools

As en elected public servant, I will...

1.) Honor Parental Rights

  • Will fight indoctrination in education and oppose gender ideology currently in LAUSD's curriculum as it undermines parents  and their exclusive right to mentor their children on these matters.
  • Oppose sexually explicit content in classrooms
  •  Involve parents in the curriculum selection process
  • Authentic, Effective Engagement and Collaboration with Parents

2.) Increase Student Achievement

  • Funding for academic improvements and materials needed
  • Refocus on promoting academic rigor, teaching core subjects , without political agendas
  • Increase funding and support for special need students, low performing schools and gifted

3.) Steward Tax Dollars with Integrity

  • Financial and Data Transparency with detailed reports
  • Advocate for accessibility to school site budgets 
  • Improve Open Meeting Law Provisions of the Greene Act

4.) Provide Support for Teachers

  • Advocate for Smaller Class Sizes
  • Protection of Religious & Medical Freedom for employees and students

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